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Duets Tactiles®

ADA & Appliqué

Offers modern colors to match the important ADA wayfinding segment of your business.

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Laser XT

Duets® Laser XT


High-performance, weather and UV resistant resin for indoors or outdoor use.

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Laser Indoor

Duets® Laser


Colors and finishes for high-contrast precision engraving in indoor applications.

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Duets® Selects

Single Pass Laser

Multi-functional substrate with single pass lasering or rotary engraving.

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Duets Ultimates®

Maximum Durability

A co-extruded impact-modified acrylic with a heavy duty top layer for increased damage protection in harsh environments.

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Duets Ultimates® Reverse

Reverse with Durability

A heavy-duty, UV stable, reverse engraving material for smooth-finish, non-glare signage for paint fill or back lit applications.

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Duets® Textures

High Traffic

Durability for high-touch, high-traffic environments with a lightly textured finish.

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A flexible, thin, and durable product delivering prominent looks to curved applications.

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Duets® Laser XT Reverse


A 2-ply engraving substrate with a vivid color back layer great for back-painted and back-lit signage applications.

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Duets Accents®

Enhanced Style

Transparent, translucent, and solid color substrates to enhance aesthetic decor.

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Duets® Rotary


Offers a wide variety of high contrast colors and metallic finishes to choose from.

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