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Laser XT Outdoor/Indoor

Duets by Gemini Laser XT resists the ravages of weather and sun, and color and finish combinations will exceed your customer’s expectations. See our detailed product specifications for more information about applications, features and options.

Color swatch chipsGet free 1″ x 1 5/8″ Duets color swatch chips.

Click the button below the color swatch to automatically add the free chip to your cart. You can add up to 10 color swatch chips per request.

Select a color chip sample below:


  • Black on OrangeL-100-626+ Add
  • 100-11Black on WhiteL-100-116+ Add
  • DuetsUltimates Red/WhiteRed on WhiteL-102-116+ Add
  • Duets Ultimates White on BlackWhite on BlackL-111-106+ Add
  • 116-10Yellow on BlackL-116-106+ Add
  • 104-11Blue on WhiteL-104-116+ Add
  • 111-13White on RedL-111-136+ Add
  • 111-15White on BlueL-111-156+ Add
  • 111-17White on Spring GreenL-111-176+ Add
  • 111-18White on EvergreenL-111-186+ Add
  • 103-11Orange on WhiteL-103-116+ Add
  • 102-14Red on YellowL-102-146+ Add
  • 117-11Maroon on WhiteL-117-116+ Add
  • 119-11Pink on WhiteL-119-116+ Add
  • 119-10Pink on BlackL-119-106+ Add
  • 121-11Light Blue on WhiteL-121-116+ Add
  • 118-11Grey on WhiteL-118-116+ Add
  • 104-14Blue on YellowL-104-146+ Add
  • 120-11Purple on WhiteL-120-116+ Add
  • 105-11Sapphire on WhiteL-105-116+ Add
  • 107-11Spring Green on WhiteL-107-116+ Add
  • 122-11Light Green on WhiteL-122-116+ Add
  • 108-11Evergreen on WhiteL-108-116+ Add
  • 114-16Beige on Chocolate BrownL-114-166+ Add
  • 115-10Khaki on BlackL-115-106+ Add
  • 110-11Brown on WhiteL-110-116+ Add
  • 109-11Chocolate Brown on WhiteL-109-116+ Add
  • 113-10Cool Grey on BlackL-113-106+ Add
  • 101-11Gloss Black on WhiteL-101-116+ Add
  • 100-14Black on YellowL-100-146+ Add
  • 101-12Gloss Black on GoldL-101-126+ Add
  • 100-12Black on GoldL-100-126+ Add
  • 100-19Black on SilverL-100-196+ Add


  • 903-13Brushed Old Gold on RedL-903-136+ Add
  • 903-15Brushed Old Gold on BlueL-903-156+ Add
  • 903-10Brushed Old Gold on BlackL-903-106+ Add
  • 904-10Brushed Copper on BlackL-904-106+ Add
  • 901-13Brushed Stainless on RedL-901-136+ Add
  • 901-15Brushed Stainless on BlueL-901-156+ Add
  • 901-10Brushed Stainless on BlackL-901-106+ Add
  • 902-10Brushed Nickel on BlackL-902-106+ Add

Note: colors might not be accurate depending on your viewing device. For the most accurate colors, we recommend purchasing the Duets by Gemini sample swatch binder.

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