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Duets Ultimates™

A beautiful touch in the toughest of environments.  Duets Ultimates is a co-extruded impact modified acrylic which is UV stable and suitable for interior and exterior applications.  The heavy-duty top layer offers increased abrasion resistance and damage protection making Duets Ultimates the material of choice for harsh environments.

Color swatch chipsGet free 1″ x 1 5/8″ Duets color swatch chips.

Click the button below the color swatch to automatically add the free chip to your cart. You can add up to 10 color swatch chips per request.

Select a color chip sample below:

  • 111-13White on RedX-011-136+ Add
  • 111-15White on BlueX-011-156+ Add
  • Safety Yellow on BlackX-063-106+ Add
  • 113-10Grey on BlackX-065-106+ Add
  • Medieval Copper on BlackX-042-106+ Add
  • 115-10Khaki on BlackX-026-106+ Add
  • Burgundy on WhiteX-054-116+ Add
  • 109-11Chocolate Brown on WhiteX-016-116+ Add
  • 108-11Evergreen on WhiteX-018-116+ Add
  • 107-11Spring Green on WhiteX-017-116+ Add
  • Celadon Green on WhiteX-064-116+ Add
  • 000-22Denim Blue on WhiteX-035-116+ Add
  • Duets Ultimates White on BlackWhite on BlackX-011-106(8)+ Add
  • Blueberry on WhiteX-022-116+ Add
  • Duets Ultimates Blue on WhiteBlue on WhiteX-015-116(8)+ Add
  • DuetsUltimates Red/WhiteRed on WhiteX-013-116(8)+ Add
  • DuetsUltimates Black/WhiteBlack on WhiteX-010-116(8)+ Add

Note: colors might not be accurate depending on your viewing device. For the most accurate colors, we recommend purchasing the Duets by Gemini sample swatch binder.

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