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Duets Selects

The sheet quality and superior flatness of Duets® Selects offers improved productivity with the advantage of single pass lasering or rotary engraving. A go-to solution for applications ranging from highly-detailed signage and wayfinding applications, to name badges, industrial applications and awards. Available in both non-glare matte or satin/brushed finishes to deliver the look you want with the speed you need.

Select a color chip sample below:

Matte Finish

  • DuetsUltimates Black/WhiteBlack on WhiteS-100-116M+ Add
  • Duets Ultimates White on BlackWhite on BlackS-111-106M+ Add
  • Grey on BlackS-118-106M+ Add
  • Orange on BlackS-103-106M+ Add
  • 116-10Yellow on BlackS-116-106M+ Add
  • Grey on WhiteS-118-116M+ Add
  • Royal Blue on WhiteS-125-116M+ Add
  • 104-11Blue on WhiteS-104-116M+ Add
  • DuetsUltimates Red/WhiteRed on WhiteS-102-116M+ Add
  • 103-11Orange on WhiteS-103-116M+ Add
  • Burgundy on WhiteS-127-116M+ Add
  • Purple on WhiteS-120-116M+ Add
  • Taupe on WhiteS-130-116M+ Add
  • 109-11Chocolate Brown on WhiteS-109-116M+ Add
  • Spruce Green on WhiteS-107-116M+ Add
  • Forest Green on WhiteS-131-116M+ Add

Satin/Brush Finish

  • DuetsUltimates Black/WhiteBlack on WhiteS-100-116S+ Add
  • Duets Ultimates White on BlackWhite on BlackS-111-106S+ Add
  • 104-11Blue on WhiteS-104-116S+ Add
  • DuetsUltimates Red/WhiteRed on WhiteS-102-116S+ Add
  • Burgundy on WhiteS-127-116S+ Add
  • 116-10Yellow on BlackS-116-106S+ Add
  • Spruce Green on WhiteS-107-116S+ Add
  • Forest Green on WhiteS-131-116S+ Add

Note: colors might not be accurate depending on your viewing device. For the most accurate colors, we recommend purchasing the Duets by Gemini sample swatch binder.

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