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Duets Contours

DuetsContours™ Flexible

Thin but durable, the DuetsContours microsurfaced flexible engraving stock is designed to deliver the prominent look of engraved signage applied to curved surfaces. Engravable substrates are available with or without adhesive and in a number of color and finish combinations. See our detailed product specifications for more information about applications, features and options.

Color swatch chipsGet free 1″ x 1 5/8″ Duets color swatch chips.

Click the button below the color swatch to automatically add the free chip to your cart. You can add up to 10 color swatch chips per request.

Select a color chip sample below:

  • 116-10Yellow on BlackL-116-102+ Add
  • 102-11Red on WhiteL-102-112+ Add
  • p10-11Roman Red Marble on WhiteL-P10-112+ Add
  • p10-12Roman Red Marble on GoldL-P10-122+ Add
  • 104-11Blue on WhiteL-104-112+ Add
  • p11-11Blue Marble on WhiteL-P11-112+ Add
  • p11-12Blue Marble on GoldL-P11-122+ Add
  • p12-12Green Marble on GoldL-P12-122+ Add
  • 812-10Trophy Gold on BlackL-812-102+ Add
  • 805-10Brushed Satin Gold on BlackL-805-102+ Add
  • 807-10Brushed Bright Copper on BlackL-807-102+ Add
  • 804-10Brushed Gold on BlackL-804-102+ Add
  • 806-10Brushed Medium Bronze on BlackL-806-102+ Add
  • 813-10Deep Bronze on BlackL-813-102+ Add
  • 111-10White on BlackL-111-102+ Add
  • 811-10Trophy Silver on BlackL-811-102+ Add
  • 802-10Brushed Silver on BlackL-802-102+ Add
  • 801-10Brushed Aluminum on BlackL-801-102+ Add
  • 100-11Black on WhiteL-100-112+ Add
  • 101-12Gloss Black on GoldL-101-122+ Add
  • 100-12Black on GoldL-100-122+ Add
  • 101-19Gloss Black on SilverL-101-192+ Add
  • 100-19Black on SilverL-100-192+ Add

Note: colors might not be accurate depending on your viewing device. For the most accurate colors, we recommend purchasing the Duets by Gemini sample swatch binder.

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