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Can you UV print onto Duets engraving material?

Yes, you can print on Duets engraving stock. The Duets Tactiles and Accents are endorsed by Direct Color Systems. It is recommended to use an adhesion promotor on the Accents while the Tactiles do not require an adhesion promotor.

Protective coating: should it be removed before laser engraving/cutting and rotary engraving/cutting?

Please remove the protective coating before laser or rotary engraving. Before cutting the materials, however, it is recommended to leave the protective masking in place when performing vector cuts if your application will permit. This will minimize residue and clean-up efforts.

Engraving Tips – how can a perfect white results be achieved when engraving a 2-ply material with white core and dark top colors?

Using the ‘bottom up’ engraving setting in your laser software will minimize the re-distribution of color residue to the core. Increasing power in 5% increments can be helpful and multiple passes might be required to achieve your optimal results. In many cases, Z-offset (controlled de-focus) in the range of 1 mm – 2 mm will allow for a smoother engraving surface with a more intense color result.

Air assist: on / off? Which nozzle (small, large)?

The air assist is designed to prevent dust from setting on the lens and thereby causing harm to the lens. However, for materials causing little to no smoke or dust, air assist can be reduced or turned off for better engraving results. Regular cleaning intervals are recommended to make sure no harm is being done to the lens.

How to store laser materials correctly?

  • The panels should be stored horizontally and flat
  • Storage location should be dry and weatherproof (indoor)
  • Average-temperature rooms without large fluctuations in room temperature and air humidity
  • The material should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the protective film can become porous if too much heat is generated
  • Too long storage can have a negative effect on the protective film

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Safety & Technical Information

We want our customers to be safe while handling our engraving and ADA plastic sheet stock. See the documents below for safety information on the two types of plastics we use.

Laser Settings

While every laser is different, here are recommended laser settings to try out using our products.


  • Raster - 30% Power, 80% Speed
  • Vector - 80% Power, 20% Speed

  • Raster - 25% Power, 90% Speed
  • Vector - 75% Power, 25% Speed

  • Raster - 20% Power, 90% Speed
  • Vector - 75% Power, 40% Speed
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