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Test Samples

Test samplesTake the Gemini challenge.

See the quality of our products firsthand with up to four of our free 6″ x 6″ test samples. Click the button below the sample swatch to automatically add it to your cart.

Select a color chip sample below:


  • DuetsTactiles Sample - BlackBlack w/ Orafol Adhesive6X6-L-010-103-A2+ Add
  • DuetsTactiles Sample - Bright WhiteBright White6X6-L-010-303-A+ Add
  • DuetsTactiles Sample - BlackBlack6X6-L-010-106+ Add


  • DuetsContours Sample - Trophy Gold on BlackTrophy Gold on Black6X6-L-812-102+ Add
  • DuetsContours Sample - Gloss Black on GoldGloss Black on Gold6X6-L-101-122+ Add


  • Laser Indoor Sample - Brushed Aluminum on BlackBrushed Aluminum on Black6X6-L-801-106+ Add
  • Laser Indoor Sample - Walnut on WhiteWalnut on White6X6-L-W10-116+ Add


  • Laser XT Outdoor/Indoor Sample - Black on WhiteBlack on White6X6-L-100-116+ Add
  • Laser XT Outdoor/Indoor Sample - Red on WhiteRed on White6X6-L-102-116+ Add
  • Laser XT Outdoor/Indoor Sample - Brushed Stainless on BlackBrushed Stainless on Black6X6-L-901-106+ Add


  • Laser XT Reverse Sample - Blue on Clear MatteBlue on Clear/Matte6X6-L-000-156+ Add


  • Rotary Indoor Sample - White on BlackWhite on Black6X6-R-111-106+ Add
  • Rotary Indoor Sample - Yellow on BlackYellow on Black6X6-R-116-106+ Add

Note: colors might not be accurate depending on your viewing device. For the most accurate colors, we recommend purchasing the Duets by Gemini sample swatch binder.

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  • DuetsContours™ Flexible
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